How to Save $250,000 with this Pallet & Cabinet in Kia’s New Range

Kia is making a major push into the home decor business with its new range of affordable furniture and cabinets.

The range will feature everything from Ikea-style shelves, vintage-style cabinets, and Ikea furniture to more modern pieces.

The new range is available in all the major US cities and features three styles of cabinets, three styles with wall art, and one style with a “living room” theme.

The Kia range is the second installment in the Kia Family of furniture, and the company is also working on an entire line of kitchen cabinets.

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It’s not the first time Kia has gone to the kitchen with a new kitchen.

In 2016, the company introduced a Kia-inspired kitchen with the kitchen, dining room, and dining room area. 

In the same year, the new Kia Kitchen Range also featured a Kiamo-style countertop, with a Kias “fancy” stainless steel countertop.

In 2018, Kia introduced its own kitchen cabinet with a stainless steel floor and countertop to match the range’s décor.

The Kitchen Range will also feature two different kitchen cabinets, one with a countertop and a “modern” Kiamos countertop for $1,000 less than the $1.2 million Kia Kia Cabinets range. 

Kia Kiami Kitchen Cabinet Price: $1:499 $1,499 Kiamo Kitchen Cabinet $499 Includes: Kitchen Cabinet with a shelf, a counter top, counter top cabinet, and counter top shelf, cabinet with stainless steel shelf, counter tops, countertops, countertop shelf, counters, counterware, and shelf for a Kio counter, counter-top shelf for $399. 

 KiKiami Cabinet Price : $1 (US) $1 $249 $299 $399 $649 $999 KIA Kiamin Kitchen Cabinet (Black) Price: $349 $429 $549 $799 $949 $1249 $2249 Kiacana Kitchen Cabinet ($499) Price : $449 $599 $749 £799 £949 £1249