How to buy farm furniture in India

Farmers are increasingly buying outdoor furniture from online vendors, while furniture shops are still reluctant to sell their items to them because of the high costs of import.

The country’s agricultural sector is also booming.

The number of farmers in the country has increased from about 300 million in 2005 to nearly 2.2 billion in 2016, and the sector accounts for about 25% of the country’s GDP.

The government is looking to expand its efforts to boost the sector, with plans to open three more farm-based stores and five more retail outlets, including two in Bengaluru.

The Government is also looking at other sectors, including cement, iron and steel, which are key to the growth of the industry.

A large number of cement factories in India are set to be closed in the next few years, as are other cement plants in the eastern state of Gujarat.

In January, the government announced a plan to create 500,000 jobs in the sector in 2020.