Which restaurants can I eat at while I am away?

This list contains all of the restaurants that I have visited, and where I have been.

If you know of any restaurants that are not listed here, please let me know.

You can find the full list of restaurants at the bottom of this article.


Kowloon Kowloo, Hong Kong, Hongkong province, HK, China (Kowloon is in Hong Kong’s Central District, and has been listed on this list since May 2018) This Chinese restaurant is called “Kowloo,” and is named after its location, which is located just off the main artery, Hong Kwang.

The restaurant’s menu is quite large, but its main dishes are mainly fish and chicken.

The menu is priced at $6.95.

It has a good selection of Chinese food, and a lot of people from the mainland are often visiting Kowloos to sample Chinese food.


Ciao, Sydney, Australia, New South Wales (Ciao is also in Sydney’s CBD) Ciao serves up traditional Chinese food with some twists.

Its menu includes a variety of dishes including chicken, noodles, soup, steamed rice, and more.

Its main dishes include the “spicy” pork shawarma, beef and vegetables.


Tandoori Grill, Los Angeles, California, USA (Tandooris is in the Los Angeles suburb of Burbank) Tandor is a fusion of Indian and Asian cuisine that’s popular in LA and New York.

Its dishes are mostly made of Indian, and include the dish “Tandoh”, which is a type of chicken.

It is also a vegetarian restaurant.

TANDOR also serves up Indian-inspired salads, stir-fries, and stir-fried vegetables.


The Golden Nugget, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (The Golden Nuggets is in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside) The Golden Nugget is the largest chain of Indian restaurant in the country, and is one of the largest Indian restaurants in North America.

The restaurants menu is huge.

The Nuggs, as they are known, serves up a large selection of Indian food.


Lotte Suites, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Lotte Suite is a trendy and trendy restaurant in Montreal, Canada.

It’s also one of Montreal’s most popular restaurants.

Its dining room is known for its Asian cuisine.

Its menus include dishes like “Lotte au poivre”, a grilled pork dish.


KFC, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (KFC is also located in Calgary’s Downtown Westside) KFC is one the most popular fast food chains in North American and South American.

Its restaurant menu includes chicken, steak, seafood, burgers, fries, and of course, KFC.


Kona Grill, Portland, Oregon, USA Kona is one Hawaiian restaurant located in Portland, and serves up some of the most delicious Hawaiian food around.

Its Hawaiian menu features several types of Hawaiian dishes, including “Kona Sushi”, a Hawaiian salad.


Kombucha Barbecue, Chicago, Illinois, USA Kombucas BBQ serves up amazing Korean BBQ.

Its burgers are very popular, and can be ordered in Korean, Japanese, or even Chinese.


Cheetah Bar, London, England, United Kingdom (Cheetah is in London’s West End) Cheetahs are the most famous cat in Britain.

The cat is the mascot of a popular British television show, and they are also known as “The Cheetahs of London.”

They are also famous for being very loud.

Cheerios are the snack that they eat, and are a favorite snack for kids.


The Grill House, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA The Grill is a new burger joint that opened in Minneapolis in August 2018.

It serves burgers, wings, chicken, and burgers stuffed with a variety.


The Grille, Chicago (also in Chicago’s Central Business District) (Grille is in Chicago South of Lincoln Park) The Grill is one popular restaurant that serves burgers and wings.


The Bistro at the North Shore, Vancouver Island, Canada The North Shore is a sushi restaurant that specializes in Japanese cuisine.

The chefs at The Grilling are also very skilled chefs.


Maitreya, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Maitres are a Greek dessert served at the top of a traditional Greek restaurant.

They are served in a traditional, rectangular style.


The King’s Inn, Glasgow, Scotland (also at the Royal Inn) King’s Inn is an upscale dining establishment in Glasgow, and the restaurant is famous for its steak, fish, and seafood dishes.


The Palace of Fine Arts, New York, United States (also near the Grand Central Station)