New Swedish furniture is arriving in UK

The Swedish furniture company, A.I.B.S., is selling a series of new furniture designs at the company’s first-ever UK show, called The Foyer.

The Foyers, which will open in February 2018, is the company´s first-of-its-kind furniture show in the UK.

“This show is the culmination of our journey from a small company to one that is leading the world in our global industry,” said A.J. Lundgren, chief executive officer and co-founder of A.H. Lundberg, who co-founded A. I.B.: Swedish furniture in 1971.

“We are very excited about this opportunity to present to the world the finest products in the Swedish furniture industry and to demonstrate the innovative way we build and develop our products.”

“This is a huge honour for us,” said Anna Lidgren, co-chair of the Foyer, adding that the company had secured a new manufacturing partner, which had been selected because of its high quality standards and reliability.

A.L. Lundstrom, the president and chief executive of A I. B.: Swedish Furniture, will be among the guests at the show.

“Today we are proud to unveil the first of our new Foyer furniture design, the Foyee, in the Foya Room at the UK´s most exclusive Swedish shopping centre,” said Lidstrom.

“The Foye is designed to create a comfortable and attractive space to relax, enjoy a glass of wine, or to take a walk through the foyer.”

“The new Foyer furniture is a complete re-creation of our furniture design from our days in the 1970s,” said the company in a press release.

“It is a modern design with contemporary touches and a modern feel that combines modern and traditional Scandinavian furniture.”

The company said that it was inspired by the natural world and nature, which gave the new FOYER furniture its modern, contemporary look.

A unique feature of the new furniture is the inclusion of a glass box to take photos and video, which is an original feature of AIB: Swedish Furnitures.

The furniture also features modern, modern and contemporary elements.

AIBI: Swedish furniture will offer the following products: A. H. Lunds.

The Furniture Collection, which includes the new A. Lundström Foyre and the new D. Kjørn-Foyre.

A H. Håkansson.

The Kjörn-Kvist and Kvist-Foyer collections, which are now available in a limited run of 500 units.

A IBI: Sweden.

The Sveinböck Collection, and the Førkning collection.

The A. J. Lundstor.

The D. B. Lund.

The V. Lund, the new and limited edition L. Høgeberg, the most expensive of the Lundsträm designs, and many other furniture collections.

“These products are a reflection of the passion that we have for our brand, and are inspired by nature and nature’s rhythms,” said Lundgren.

“Our goal is to make sure that every piece of furniture and furniture design represents nature and the world around us, from the natural to the artificial to the natural in nature.”