Former ‘Dirty Jobs’ star and ex-hostess Debbie Cook: I am a proud black woman who’s a ‘black feminist’

A former “Dirty Job” star and “Dirt” hostess, Debbie Cook, has said that she was a proud “black feminist” and that she “never had a white man in my life”.

The comedian, who was an anchor for the late “Dennis and Callie” and is the mother of actress and comedian Rosario Dawson, spoke about her experiences as a Black woman during an interview with the BBC.

Cook said she was “very proud” to be Black and said she never had a White man in her life.

“I was born into a Black family, I’m not going to pretend otherwise, I have never had to deal with White privilege, I’ve never been able to get in a White-only space, I don’t have to hide behind a curtain and hide in a closet,” Cook said.

“My parents were always there for me.

I am proud of who I am and I’m proud to be a Black feminist.

I have always been a strong feminist, I never had white men in my lives.”

She also spoke about the “troubling” experiences of being a Black man on the show.

“Black men are discriminated against in the workplace, we are the ones that suffer the most from discrimination in the criminal justice system.

The Black community is still fighting for our civil rights,” she said.

Cook, who appeared in a 2015 episode of “Downton Abbey” as a “Black woman”, was on “Dates with Friends” with host Nick Grimshaw, who is black, and actor Sam Worthington, a British actor who is white.

“Dating with Friends”, a television comedy show, was filmed in the U.K. and aired in 2016, with Grimshaw portraying a black man, Worthingtons portraying a white woman and Cook starring as a white American woman.

Cook told Grimshaw that “black men are very different from White men, in many ways”.

She said that when she went to the UK she was told by a man that she looked “too black” to date.

“That was a shock to me because that was how I felt about dating,” she told Grimshaws.

“But the guy had told me I looked like a black woman, so he told me that I was beautiful and that I didn’t need to date white men.”

Cook said that her family “would always tell me I was going to be better” if I “could just get with someone”.

She continued: “I didn’t want to go out with White men.

But I didn´t want to date White men either.

I felt I could have relationships with people who weren’t White.”

“The whole time I was a Black women, I wasn’t in a relationship with a White person,” she added.

Cook has also written and performed songs and poetry about her experience in the “dirt” industry, including “Black Girl in the Rain” and “Black in the Back”.

She recently published a memoir, “Black Woman in the Dirt,” and said that it “seems to be an ongoing project”.