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In the midst of a global pandemic, the fashionistas are all over India, and many of them are on a mission to help the country survive.

One such fashionista is Vasant, a former fashion model who is now a fashion designer and the founder of Sunroom, a nonprofit that helps people find jobs in the garment sector.

Sunroom has also been instrumental in raising funds for children’s charities in India. 

“We are a charity and a brand, but we have a mission and a message,” he said.

“If we can raise $5 million we can go to a hospital, but if we can’t, we can save the life of a child.

That’s what we are here for.” 

Sunroom was founded in 2013 with the support of several Indian brands including Bottega Veneta, which is known for its luxurious goods.

The charity’s main goal is to help those in need, like Vasant. 

As well as being a fashionista, Vasant is a keen cyclist, and he is also an avid golfer, and a part of a cycling club he co-founded called Sarana Kalyan in Kolkata.

“I enjoy running, but I also enjoy playing golf,” he explained.

He is also a regular attendee at a yoga class, which he says brings him “a sense of wellbeing”.

“This yoga is helping me to get rid of all the negativity that I have been going through, because I’m not living in my own body anymore,” he added.

For Vasant the fashion industry has given him a platform to express himself, but also to work towards the good of the community.

He hopes that one day the fashion sector will help the people in need by providing them with jobs and employment opportunities.

“The fashion industry will give me a chance to work with some of the top brands,” he told the Hindu.

“There are some brands that have given me great opportunities, like Balenciaga.

If I could give one thing to the fashion brands, it is to hire the young people and give them opportunities.” 

The story of Vasant has a lot of heart, especially in the eyes of some people who believe in the fashion revolution. 

BHU’s Sridhar Jain has been an avid reader of Sunrooms for many years.

He is a self-proclaimed fashion fanatic who has a collection of more than 30 brands, and has even managed to find a way into Sunryam, the most popular fashion magazine in the country. 

In the past, he has helped some of his friends to start a fashion brand, and says that he has given his money to many charities, but that this is not the same as being the fashion entrepreneur himself.

“My aim is to make sure the brands are giving the opportunity to the young kids who are looking for jobs and to the youngsters who are struggling,” he claimed.

“My aim here is to ensure that there is a fashion industry that can help the community, that will help us out of this crisis.” 

However, while his mission may have some merit, Sunraya’s commitment to the community seems to have gone beyond that. 

Sunrays founder and CEO, Rajiv Gupta, is an avid sports fan, and he believes that the fashion world is in need of a change.

When SunRaya launched in October last year, the magazine’s editorial page featured a series of articles highlighting the best clothes in the city, and highlighting the issues faced by women. 

The first issue of Sunraya was a look at how the fashion market is changing, and how women are struggling to make ends meet. 

 “If I could only wear a Sunrayas shirt, I would wear it every day,” Rajiv told The Hindu. 

For him, Sunrayablogo is a unique way of sharing the stories of women in India through fashion. 

And like any other fashion blog, SunRaya aims to give the message of a positive, supportive and positive outlook on life. 

It has also come to the rescue of the Rathna Maithal, a fringe fashion brand that had recently gone bankrupt due to a massive corruption scandal. 

After RATHNAM was shut down, the founder and chairman of Rathy-based R.K. Lalitha, who had previously been the CEO of Maithal Fashion Group, took over as the company’s managing director. 

Lalitha has a passion for fashion, and in the last few years he has worked with several fashion brands, including Vans, Yeezy, Puma and Prada. 

Ralph, a designer who works for the fashion chain Shabu, has also been helping Sunrayes mission to help the fashion community.