How to Get Away with Murder

A couple of weeks ago, I was chatting with my husband, who was a bit skeptical about the idea of a video game with a violent protagonist.

I told him I had never played one before and that it was a long-time dream to one day get one of these.

And then he said he had been trying to buy one for a while, but he had to wait for the console’s price to come down.

I had no idea how to respond. 

I did, however, know that there was a chance the game might be available on Steam for a very reasonable price, around $20.

Theres a good chance, too.

The next time you look at your TV or PC, remember that youre only watching the best, most innovative content.

Thats the case with the upcoming video game The Witness. 

A short story that is both a horror game and a science fiction game, The Witness takes place in an alternate universe in which a man, who goes by the name of Joseph Cooper, is attempting to discover a cure for his daughter’s death. 

Joseph is trying to bring the girl’s body back to her parents to prove that the disease can’t be cured.

In the process, he accidentally releases the virus on the world, which will inevitably spread and kill everyone in the area. 

The Witness is an atmospheric game that puts you in the shoes of Cooper, a man who has never been outside the confines of the game’s fictional world.

Youre trapped in a mysterious bunker on a planet populated by humans, where the virus can kill you without warning. 

If the player wants to stay on the surface, theyll need to be careful about how they interact with the environment.

Youll need the assistance of a small number of guards, who will help you find supplies, kill the virus and retrieve the body of the girl. 

At times, youll feel like the player is being pulled into a claustrophobic nightmare.

You will have to work your way through the game to escape.

 The gameplay is a mix of stealth and shooting.

If you want to go for a quick kill, there are no reloads, no reloading, no ammo, no time to reload.

You have to be quick.

The only time youre allowed to reload is when youre close to your target.

There are no weapons that can kill your target quickly.

If the player manages to shoot your target in the head, theyre still alive and the virus will not spread.

This means youre free to proceed, but youre not invincible.

The game is also a lot of fun, with many moments that are tense and suspenseful. 

One of the big challenges The Witness has to overcome is the fact that it is set in a fictional universe.

The real world is filled with countless stories that the player can only read through, even though the game takes place inside an alternate reality.

This makes for some tough decisions. 

It’s possible to get stuck in a world where the player never finds the body, but thats not really how the game works.

The storytellers set the rules, but they cant force the player to follow them.

They can, however. 

For example, if you dont want to be forced to follow the story, you can choose not to go to the bunker at all.

In this case, your choice will be that you cant go to The Witness because it is not realistic, and youll have to wait a long time before finding the body.

It could take a lot longer than that to find the girl, so it might be worth it to wait. 

There is a lot to do in The Witness, and the game is set to release sometime this summer.

The first playable level of the title is set for launch on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while the game has already gone through beta tests on PC. 

Source: PCGamesN