Amazon to sell online furniture store in Melbourne

Amazon has confirmed plans to open a new online furniture shop in Melbourne.

The online retail giant said it would start “opening new retail stores in the coming months” in Melbourne’s west, and in Brisbane’s east.

“We’re excited to be expanding our footprint in Melbourne and the region and want to make sure our online retail stores have the right mix of our core customer base, including children, families and members of the arts,” Amazon said in a statement.

“Our focus is on providing a variety of products that appeal to all tastes and preferences.”

It will be the latest addition to the city’s growing online retailing community.

It is currently the only major Australian city to have its own online retail shop.

The retailer’s announcement comes after a report last week suggested it was in talks with Melbourne about building a second store.

“The Amazon Echo is one of the most widely used consumer electronics today and the Amazon Echo Dot is the most popular Echo device in the world, according to Alexa,” the report said.

Amazon also plans to build its own retail store in Brisbane.