Why Craigslist’s new ad campaign will save money

Craigslist, the digital advertising company, is starting a new advertising campaign that will give customers the ability to buy items online without paying full retail prices.

In addition to a new ad that reads “No more shipping and handling,” the company is introducing a new feature that allows shoppers to purchase items from an app.

“We’ve been working hard to improve the customer experience and bring it to the people.

So, if you’re not a big fan of the old system, we’ve got a whole new system for you,” CEO Marc Lore, said in an interview.

The new ad will run for five days and will highlight the “best sellers,” which will include furniture, apparel, accessories, books, and video games.

“You’ll be able to shop for what you need and what you want and have confidence in the seller, and that will save you time,” Lore said.

The ad is part of the company’s efforts to bring in new consumers to its services.

Lore said the ads will help customers find products they want to buy and to “save money” in the process.

The ads will run over the course of five days starting in late October.

It is part, Lore said, of the advertising campaign Craigslist launched in 2014 that allowed shoppers to shop online without having to visit a store.

The company recently expanded the feature to include more than 1,500 products and services.

While the company has had a successful year in recent months, Lore stressed that the company does not expect to make much money off the campaign.

“There is no way we’re making money on this campaign,” he said.

“And the fact is, if we can bring the people back, we’ll have a really good time.”

The company has not yet released the ads’ full cost, but Lore said it is “not cheap.”

The ad campaign was created by the agency J.B. Hunt and will run through November.

It will be run on the company website and will be available in both Spanish and English.

Lore, who also co-founded the online ad firm MyAdWords, said Craigslist is “building a global platform for advertisers.”

He said Craigslist has seen “really solid growth” since its launch in 2014.

He said the company now has more than 5,000 advertisers across 160 countries and is expanding in more countries.

“The growth has been phenomenal,” he added.

“It’s been a really strong growth story.

We have a great product that’s helping people find the best sellers in the world.”

He added that Craigslist is now working with the likes of Google and Apple to build more advertisers and said that the new ads will “have an impact.”

“I think that there’s a lot of interest in the ad and a lot more consumers are buying things online,” Lore added.

He also said the ad campaign is part the company “big vision.”

“We’re trying to build an amazing platform that people can connect with, that people will connect with,” he explained.

Lore also said that Craigslist has made significant investments in new ad technology, adding that “we’ve invested a lot in it.”

“There are lots of different ways that advertisers can target their ads,” he noted.

“They can use content that people share on social media or they can use a website or they could use a mobile app that they can send in.”

The ads have already generated $300 million in revenue for Craigslist, Lore noted.

Lore did not provide an estimate on how much of the new revenue is attributable to the ads.

He did say that the ads have been viewed about 1.5 billion times on Craigslist.

He noted that Craigslist expects to continue investing in new advertising platforms as it continues to build the platform.