Australia’s top 10 houseplants

AUSTRALIA’S top 10 most popular plants for sale, according to the latest survey by Macys, are: azaleas,brussels sprouts,bell peppers,chicken,eggplant,horseradish,kangaroo,mushroom,palm,potato,rosemary,sea urchin.

The survey also found the national popularity of many plants had been growing in recent years, with nearly 40 per cent of respondents saying they had planted a new plant since last year.

In some categories, like tomatoes, peppers and kangaroos, the popularity of each was higher than last year’s survey.

The Macys report also found that people were also looking to their gardens more often than ever before, with more than two in three respondents saying their gardens had seen an increase in activity since last summer.

And, it seems people are also spending more time outdoors, with almost one in three saying they spent more time walking in the past 12 months than they did a year ago.

Macys chief executive Steve Hargrove said while the survey found the Australian public was interested in gardening, it also found people were finding new places to enjoy it in a growing number of places.

“The popularity of outdoor activities like walking, running and climbing is up, and people are discovering new places and enjoying them more than ever,” he said.

However, Mr Hargrob said the public’s interest in gardening had also been driven by an increase of people spending more on garden equipment.

He said while most people had seen a significant rise in the number of plants they planted over the past year, many people were now seeking out new products.

Mr Hargrubs survey also revealed the number one source of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions was the use of fossil fuels, with the main culprit being agricultural waste, as well as other landfills.