Man’s best dream house

A man who made his home from scratch in a dream, then later spent years restoring it and living it, has a new dream home, according to a new ESPN Clic report.

In the video below, the homeowner explains how he got started in the hobby, and why he wants to live in it again.

His house in California is a replica of a home he built with his daughter and a couple of friends.

His dream is to move to the United States and make a living out of his art.

He is living the dream of a man who wants to become a real estate agent.

“It’s been a dream for about 10 years,” he told ESPN.

“And then, the last year, I finally had a couple more days in which to do it.

And so, it’s been an adventure.”

He also has his eyes set on building a new home.

He plans to spend about $2 million and build a home out of the materials he has been using.

It will be his first home.

“I love the idea of getting into the world of architecture and architecture,” he said.

“But, you know, it took me a little bit of time.

And it’s not like I was a master craftsman.

It took me about 10, 12 years to be able to do what I’m doing now.”

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