How to buy a dress in Dania

A dress in dania has become a fashion icon in Italy after a model named Lotta Vazquez created the model and brand to raise money for the countrys AIDS crisis.

Vazquez said she began her career as a model at the age of 15.

She started with her first fashion collection at 15 and has since created dozens of collections.

The 19-year-old, who is the founder of Lotta Fashion, said the model of the future will be a female, but she still hopes to create something for men.

“I don’t think women are really in fashion.

We don’t wear dresses,” she said.

“But I want to show the female side of fashion and create a new female fashion, to make fashion a women’s thing.”

Vazuez said she was inspired to start her own clothing brand after meeting the model, who had previously worked with brands like Burberry and Valentino.

“She was a very talented young girl, she had a good work ethic, a good way of expressing herself,” she told Al Jazeera.

“I saw a girl that was doing something different, I knew I had to do something for women.”

The first model of Dania, who was born in the US and moved to Italy in 2013, is known for her striking silhouette, which features a simple lace bodice and plunging neckline.

Her clothes have become a favourite with fashion bloggers, celebrities and politicians alike.

Her signature dress, a white, blue, and pink ensemble, has become her most-watched piece in the Italian fashion world.

The brand is now also available for men, although it’s still selling clothes exclusively to women, which she said was a challenge because of the popularity of the clothes.

“There are people that can’t afford them because they’re too expensive,” she added.

The founder of the brand said she’s not interested in a career in the fashion industry, but wants to continue her work to raise awareness of the AIDS crisis in Italy.

“People who don’t have a fashion background don’t really have any idea about what is happening,” she explained.

“And so I hope that people can understand what is going on in the world.”