What is the world’s most expensive dog? The price tag on this black Labrador, says the owner

The world’s biggest dog may be getting a little bigger with a new price tag of around $300,000.

Wolfdog owners in Australia are taking to social media to voice their outrage after the iconic breed’s price tag soared past $600,000 on the Australian stock market last month.

A Facebook group dedicated to Wolfdogs in Australia has attracted more than 5,000 members and nearly half of those who have posted about the sale have gone as far as to ask Wolfdogs to be removed from the Australian market.

Wolfdogs have become so popular in Australia that a few have even been brought into Australia by their owners for adoptions.

A few have also been spotted in Australia selling for as much as $600k, but some have managed to break even at less than $300k.

Many Wolfdogs have been sold to foreign buyers and the demand has grown even faster than that of the dogs themselves.

The Australian government has been trying to curb the wolfdog phenomenon, banning its use for sport and prohibiting the importation of dogs and dogs meat.

A number of Australian breeders are also attempting to fight the trend and are now raising money through a crowdfunding campaign to help buy the dogs back.

WolfDog owner and Australian breeder Sarah Mancini said the breed is on the up and is a great companion for her two children, who are both young to be a wolfdog.

“We’ve had some people ask if we’re doing this because we’re raising money or because we want to get rid of the dog,” she said.

“But that’s not the case at all.”

Sarah said the demand for Wolfdogs has also grown exponentially, and the breed has taken over several of the biggest dogs in the Australian dog market, including the likes of the Pomeranian and the Labrador Retriever.

“Wolfdogs are a very important part of our society and a great pet, but we’re a very large breed and it’s a great family pet,” she added.

“I don’t think we can afford to keep them in our society any more.”

Wolfdogs were originally domesticated around 200,000 years ago by wolves in the Cretaceous period.

They have been used by humans since the Neolithic period.

The breed is listed as endangered under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and is protected under the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1994.

The new price point for Wolfdog owners is an eye-opener for Sarah, who said the cost of owning a wolf dog was now more than $400,000, compared to around $200,000 in the past.

“It’s a real eye-popper,” she told ABC Radio Hobart.

“You don’t know what to expect with a dog of this size.

They’re quite big.

I can’t even get them up on the roof of my car to get a good view of the backyard.”

Sarah added that she had not been able to get the dog onto a carseat for the first few months she had it, and had to take it out on a leash.

“The car is my sanctuary now, it’s where I can keep it,” she explained.

“It’s also where my kids can play.”

That’s really a big part of the attraction for me, it gives me a reason to keep the dog, but the real attraction is to keep it safe.

“Sarah’s husband, Peter, who has four other dogs including a miniature pug and a rottweiler, said the price was “incredibly shocking”.”

We don’t want to have a dog, it doesn’t make sense,” he said.

Peter said he had owned Wolfdogs since his childhood, and has always been able for the dogs to help him out, even though they were quite small.”

They’re very strong, very tough dogs,” he told ABC Hobart, adding that the pair had recently bought a puppy from another Wolfdog owner.”

All my dogs are the same, they’re all like Wolfdogs,” he added.